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Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Coal Power Endangers Climate Targets: Calls for Urgent Action

Coal-fired power stations are responsible for around a third of Germany’s carbon emissions. Failure to reduce the persistently high level of coal-fired power generation threatens Germany’s climate targets for 2020 and 2050 and undermines a...
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

European Power Utilities under Pressure?

The European power sector is challenged by a series of developments. These range from planned changes to the institutional environment and the functioning of the market, to unforeseen external shocks like the decline of demand as a result of......
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Long-term Contracts are Dead: Vive Long-term Contracts? Policy Implications

‘Take-or-pay’ gas ‘dumped’ on hubs lowered the prices as well. End-users adjusted offtake volumes and the price gap nearly closed as a result.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Can Technology Unlock Unburnable Carbon?

The report examines the current state of knowledge regarding the ‘unburnable carbon’ issue, and the extent to which fossil fuel carbon management technology (such as CCS) can unlock hydrocarbon reserves while still meeting climate targets....
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

The World’s Greatest Coal Arbitrage: China’s Coal Import Behavior & Implications...

In 2009 the global coal market witnessed one of the most dramatic realignments it has ever seen – China, long a net exporter of coal, suddenly imported a record-smashing 126 Mt tons...

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Brexit and UK energy security

Despite having played a leading role in developing the EU’s Internal Energy Market (IEM), the UK is now on course to leave it. What are the implications?

Gas Security of Supply: A strategic assessment of Great Britain’s gas security of supply

This report provides a detailed evaluation of the long term security of the UK's natural gas supply options.

Will The Market Deliver Security of Gas Supply? The case of the UK and...

Although a remarkable concurrence of events unfolded in the week of 11th December 2017 that may have caused a potential crisis in the UK gas supply, the gas system of the country is very resilient to such events.