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Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Role of the US and Caspian natural gas exports for European...

The US and Caspian Export prospects via the Vertical Gas Corridor: Implications for EU Energy Security and Energy Market Integration in Eastern Europe and the Western Balkans.

Policy measures targeting a more integrated gas market: impact on prices...

This paper looks at whether the merger of two zones helps to achieve a more integrated and efficientgas market.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

The European Commission’s negotiating mandate and what it means for Nord...

The author argues it is impossible to know with any certainty whether the EC’s quest for a negotiating mandate is to help ensure NS2 gets built or a plot to delay it...

The Coal Phase Out Transition: Italy’s Leadership Opportunity

This report dates back to April 2017 but nevertheless is still an interesting read given Italy's recent announcement regarding coal use in electricity generation.

ACER Market monitoring report: gas wholesale markets volume

Gas demand in 2016 rose by 7% compared to 2015, reaching 4,962 TWh, mainly driven by improved gas-to-power economics. It is the second consecutive year of demand growth after 4 years of decline
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Gas vs. electrification: challenges for the gas industry

Gas is an integral part of modern energy mixes and in fact, its importance as a stabilisator of energyproduction grows with decomissioning of traditional power plants and booming renewables.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

The State of Gas Market Integration in the Energy Community

This report provides an overview of the current status of implementation of the 3rd Internal Energy Market Package. The analysis covers the Contracting Parties with operational gas markets that are interconnected with other countries in the EC region
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Gas & LNG market developments & geopolitics in SE Europe

The author examines some of the existing and planned natural gas infrastructure projects in the Southeast Europe market.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Choosing between gas transport routes: Is the booking behaviour of network...

Efficient booking behaviour is an indication that market mergers create infrastructure competition amongst regulated TSOs
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Nord Stream II – yes or no? Political decision of a...

Whilst the EU is currently dealing with many crises, reality is that things do not come much bigger than Nord Stream II.

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Brexit and UK energy security

Despite having played a leading role in developing the EU’s Internal Energy Market (IEM), the UK is now on course to leave it. What are the implications?

Gas Security of Supply: A strategic assessment of Great Britain’s gas security of supply

This report provides a detailed evaluation of the long term security of the UK's natural gas supply options.

Will The Market Deliver Security of Gas Supply? The case of the UK and...

Although a remarkable concurrence of events unfolded in the week of 11th December 2017 that may have caused a potential crisis in the UK gas supply, the gas system of the country is very resilient to such events.