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Market gas pricing: the role of hub trading

What makes a successful traded gas hub? How do traded gas hubs help the gas markets to evolve? Russia’s vision for a European/international gas index.

US LNG vs Russian Pipeline Gas: impact on prices

Thierry Bros on the impact of the arrival of a new competitor (US LNG) on European prices where Gazprom has a sizeable market share and hence real market power.

Lost in Regulation: The EU and Nord Stream 2

While geopolitical considerations still influence the public debate about Nord Stream 2, in the EU, the topic has shifted to a rather technical discussion of energy market regulation.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

World Energy Outlook 2017

Summary slides from the just released World Energy Outlook-2017 which includes a full update of energy demand and supply projections to 2040 based on different scenarios.

A global outlook on natural gas

EU Gas Imports grow; supplier diversity increases due to a boost in LNG trade. LNG will dominate gas trade in the future and pushes integration of regional markets stepwise further.
Reports and presentations on the European Gas Market

Shaping the natural gas market of Cyprus

An overview of the current status, gas imports (LNG and pipeline) & latest developments in Cyprus.

The importance of gas infrastructure for the German Energiewende

The authors show that the existing gas infrastructure in Germany is able to make a significant contribution to achieving a comprehensive energy transition (Energiewende) without great expense.

Gazprom and the complexity of the EU gas market: a strategy...

Confronted with an increasingly competitive market in the European Union and the credible threat of a new entrant, in the form of liquefied natural gas imports from the United States, Gazprom’s traditional export strategy is open to question.

Assessment on the level of transport costs for gas storages in...

Transport costs for gas storage facilities are considerably higher in the Netherlands compared to Germany; this results in lower (or even negative) margins which may lead Dutch gas storage to close down.

The Impact of Russia’s Tinkering with Upstream Gas Taxes on State...

The author explores the implications of Gazprom's strategy to prioritise production from new more expensive fields rather than exploit some of its lower cost assets...

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Brexit and UK energy security

Despite having played a leading role in developing the EU’s Internal Energy Market (IEM), the UK is now on course to leave it. What are the implications?

Gas Security of Supply: A strategic assessment of Great Britain’s gas security of supply

This report provides a detailed evaluation of the long term security of the UK's natural gas supply options.

Will The Market Deliver Security of Gas Supply? The case of the UK and...

Although a remarkable concurrence of events unfolded in the week of 11th December 2017 that may have caused a potential crisis in the UK gas supply, the gas system of the country is very resilient to such events.