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EU policy background and realities for Coal phase-out

This paper first reviews coal power generation trends in the European Union, then summarizes coal phase-out policies in the EU and its major member states, and finally analyzes implications of the coal phase-out considering the differences in ...

The future of gas demand in the European energy transition

EU and global policies aiming at decarbonizing the energy system will strongly impact fossil fuel/gas markets in all end-use sectors

The potential role of power-to-gas OIL & GAS in the e-Highway2050...

Power-to-gas (PtG) has the potential to become a sustainable and realistic solution for this need; in times of excess generation electricity is transformed into hydrogen which can be stored, reconverted into electricity or supplied to other...

Beyond coal: facilitating the transition in Europe

The European Union energy system is becoming greener and more efficient, but its most polluting component - coal - continues to provide a quarter of its electricity.

How emerging LNG importers are reshaping the waterborne gas market

This paper focuses on the impact of a collection of one dozen importing countries that individually appeared to be marginal or non-players in the LNG market in 2014 but that have demonstrated a capacity to grow imports.

The Moscow-Ankara Energy Axis and the Future of EU-Turkey Relations

The Turkey-Russia-EU energy triangle is a relationship of interdependence and strategic compromise. However, Russian support for secessionism and erosion of state autonomy in the Caucasus and Eurasia has proven difficult to reconcile for western EU..

Future UK Gas Security: Upstream Security of Supply

Brexit is coming at a time when there are already major challenges facing the future of natural gas in the UK energy mix. Back at the turn of the century the UK was self sufficient in natural gas, today it imports almost half the gas that is consumed

The impact of Brexit on the EU energy system

This study shows that the energy-system related impact of Brexit on EU citizens and companies will be limited. The EU will be able to complete its market, achieve its climate and energy targets and maintain supply security.

“Triple Whammy” in global pricing for natural gas: practical implications

In the European gas market we see evidence of over-contracting and price degradation. In Asia, two simultaneously pricing mechanisms represent a “Toxic” hybrid structure.

European natural gas markets – by Marco Alverà

Where will European supply come from? Domestic production stable with potential decrease in the 2nd half due to more stringent cap on Groningen field.

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Brexit and UK energy security

Despite having played a leading role in developing the EU’s Internal Energy Market (IEM), the UK is now on course to leave it. What are the implications?

Gas Security of Supply: A strategic assessment of Great Britain’s gas security of supply

This report provides a detailed evaluation of the long term security of the UK's natural gas supply options.

Will The Market Deliver Security of Gas Supply? The case of the UK and...

Although a remarkable concurrence of events unfolded in the week of 11th December 2017 that may have caused a potential crisis in the UK gas supply, the gas system of the country is very resilient to such events.